My Story.
 My Mission.

My approach to physical fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle is to simply take it one day at a time.

My passion for fitness started at age nine after picking up one of my father’s bodybuilding magazines from the ’80s; that’s when I first heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Flex Wheeler and my favorite, Shawn Ray. Growing up on the island of St. Vincent, gym access was a luxury that was not available to most of us. There weren’t many options, but I kept finding ways to do what I love, not knowing that it would be my pathway in the world. To stay active while attending school, I took part in track and field. To get the real gym experience, I had to improvise and find creative ways to make it happen. I would pour wet concrete into empty milk cans, to create my own dumbbells and used boulders found on the beach for goblet squats. My training style has the creative touch that I alone can do because it is authentic; the energy that I bring emanates my passion.

In 2000, I immigrated to Canada in pursuit of a better life. As a woman living alone in a foreign country, it was not easy. I studied architecture to satisfy my love for art and design, and also because I thought it would be a great career to pursue. I graduated from the Sustainable Architecture program, but found it difficult to find a job in that field. It was my active lifestyle that helped me cope with the feeling of failure and depression. I transformed my body, and over a period of nine years, worked at two of the leading gym franchises in Canada and competed in several fitness shows.

Today, I am proud to call myself a fitness entrepreneur. My brand, Nathlete Training, is a representation of my journey, which supports my slogan “new beginnings”: the breaking of new grounds in my life. As an entrepreneur in the highly competitive fitness industry, it is essential that I hold certifications that provide the knowledge and credibility I need to be both competitive and innovative. I am certified in and mirror the Darby Training Fitness Education System, which provides me with the most recent fitness information and methods to assist my clients in attaining their fitness and lifestyle goals. In addition, my portfolio includes my personally-designed seminars, workshops and dance classes.

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Longevity is what I thrive for in my business and all aspect of my life.  With that in mind, my aim is to build a firm foundation by providing the right services and care that will reinforce  the greater  longevity of my clients. The  body wastes away without movement, and is govern by the mind for the purpose of our survival  in accordance to the body’s limitations. Having a resilient foundation,  mind and body, prepares you to withstand life’s unexpected  circumstances.  Longevity for my clients mean a life of pain free movements; the  ability to continue their contribution to mankind and foremost enjoy  the activities that they love long after retirement.  Working with me  facilitates in  correcting and preventing common aches and pains associated with movements or lack there of that our daily lives necessitate, for example  lower back pain, knee pain and shoulder mobility limitations. The journey can be as exciting as the reward but knowing where to start is the question that most ask.

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