lifestyle coaching

lifestyle coaching 

Get guidance in fitness and nutrition to a better lifestyle.

Competing in fitness competitions is one of the most rewarding decisions  I have  made.  Not only has it helped boost my self confidence, but also my overall personal development.  I’ve learned to discipline myself and to persevere through adversity and I have applied this to my life  in order to accomplish anything I aspire to.

It is my passion to help others experience the thrill of being on stage and the feeling of pride, the  reward that comes from giving it your all.  Training, day in and day out, dieting for weeks, being frustrated at times and wanting to quit, are part of the process.  However, it leads to your time to grace the stage.

Get it on!

IDFA Athlete

2015 International Amateur and Pro
Novice Figure Model (5th place)
2013 Montreal Classic
Figure Model (3rd place)
Fitness Model (5th place)
2012 International Amateur and Pro
Novice Figure Model (5th place)


Weekly sessions are carried out in person or video depending on the package of choice. To adhere to a customized program for this type of coaching package,  the client should be clear  about their goals and needs that are realistic in the given time frame and the fact that they will be training independently.

Trainer lend his/her feedback and expert advice on the best way to achieve the client’s goals.  

Following the first meeting, the client will receive a workout and nutritional meal plan within 2-3 days. Weekly progress logs are expected.  Any weight loss/gain, inches, workout frequency, any tweak in their meals or lifestyle change should be noted.

What you get

  • Weekly video meeting
  • One workout session(if applicable)
  • Workout Plan
  • Nutritional Meal Plan
  • Tips to improve performance and results
  • 10% off any in-person, one-on-one PT package

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