Why my training works

Through my personalized programs, I demonstrate a variety of techniques to optimize your workouts for the best results.
I offer Innovative, versatile training methods that include functional training, weight training, and calisthenics.
I create an environment that is comfortable, interactive and fun for all ages, all body types, and all fitness levels.

Become the change you want to see..

“Nathalie is a great motivator !  She challenges me to always strive to push my personal boundaries to new heights.  Since training with her, I feel more confident in working out on my own with free weights.  I’ve gained knowledge of the proper forms and techniques needed to reduce the risk of injuries and to get the best results possible to reach my goals.  I have instilled in me the discipline that I need to continue to improve myself through sound nutrition and physical activity.”

“Thanks for always keeping me on track.”

– Ashley

“I have always had more success keeping my mind active rather than my body, over the years, attempts at exercise left me with poor results and fluctuating weight. Joining the gym was one morein a series of attempts to “get fit”. After reaching another plateau, I met Nathalie. Nathalie has patiently taught me the benefits of a combine cardio- and weight- program. Instead of the “hit and miss” efforts I have been making on my own, Nathalie has guided me through strength training and targeted cardio routines. I am now stronger in mind and body.”

– Denise

“Nathalie is a wonderful trainer. She is probably the best trainer that I worked with, I worked with a few in my lifetime and I know how hard it is to find someone, who is committed, knowledgeable and dedicated. Nathalie is that person. You can see that this is her calling and career. 

My goal was to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. Nathalie prepared a detailed meal plan and exercise routine that worked for me and on my budget. In matter of weeks, I was able to see results. I think what distinguishes her from the rest is her ability to motivate you, when you think you are at your limit and push you beyond it.”

– Felix

“Training with Nathalie was  the best decisions I could have made Her knowledge not only with workouts but eating habits helped me achieve great results in just a few weeks, an I was feeling like I had my pre baby body back. I enjoyed the gym every daily using her workout regimens to continue getting stronger and feel better.” 

– Katie

“Personal Training for me is new and I never thought that I would absolutely fall in love with working out.  Nathalie made that happen! It is challenging for sure but she makes it fun, educational and interactive.  She lets me know when I am giving my all and also when I am slacking and where I need improvement.  She is the coach that I have been looking for because, she tells it like it is and maintains her professionalism.  My fitness journey is awesome and I look forward to my workouts every time.  

I’ve  learned  about nutrition, to log my food and how to meal prep. I have also incorporated cardio with my weight training and I have seen amazing results that will last.”

– Antara

I saw a difference in my physical body and my mental and emotional state. Her consistency to be by my side every step of the way towards achieving my goals, has been a great experience and truly encouraging.”

– Margaret